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About Moving to Texas Tours

We have helped hundreds of families relocate to Texas and have learned it can be extremely overwhelming for most families. Not only are you figuring out your job situation, the stresses of selling your home, and juggling kids and school, you also have to find the best places that fit your family to live!


Texas is a big state, and once you decide it may be a great option for your family, you may choose to travel here on a discovery trip to scope the area out. However, most people feel lost in such a large area. Many feel so overwhelmed and are unsure of where to start, or are afraid they will miss the best neighborhoods in a given city of choice. 


Most real estate agents are specialists in their own town, showing homes in 2 or maybe 3 suburbs of any major city. And while they may have time, they have no idea what the best neighborhoods are in another city in their metro area just 30 minutes away. They are as clueless as you! 


This is why we chose to create the Moving To Texas Tours. We have already spent so much time in each of the best cities, and neighborhoods to help you narrow down where to live in Texas based on your hot button! Then when it is time to purchase a home, we have the Dana Pollard Group, a team of real estate agents who specialize in relocating to Texas. Our agents are professionals, not new, desperate agents just saying they can help. They really can. 

This is why we created the Moving To Texas Tours. `




About Us

We are a team of REALTORS® specializing in helping families relocate to Texas. If you are moving to Texas and want more resources check out my YouTube channel or website

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